The truth about questions

Having questions in the Christian faith are very very common. Asking questions to God about who he is and why certain things happen the way they do ultimately be used to grow us and for his glory. 

Lately, the types of questions I have been having have caused me to doubt many things about my faith. However, if anything actually asking them has brought me closer to God. These questions have mainly been about why certain things happened how they did. Including (and not limited too; if God created the universe surely he would have created sin but if he did, why would he do that in the first place? As God gave us emotions to relate to others and the world, does it mean that people with depression aren’t truly human? How a good God can allow certain suffering (like severe mental health issues e.g. schizophrenia, personality disorders, or bipolar)? 

These questions are very big, but the answers don’t change who God is.

I have been very anxious that if I get the answer to these questions, and they aren’t satisfactory, that I will decide that the Christian faith isn’t for me and end up rejecting God (which my nature does want to do, but because of what Jesus did on the ross, I have been restored to a relationship with him’) I love him and I want to follow him to the best of my ability.  

However, the fact that I’m worried about this in the first place is a good sign. Because a non-christian wouldn’t worry about falling away from Jesus and wouldn’t love him. We should be pro-active in reading our bible, praying and investing into the most important relationship we have but here is an encouragement and challenge if you are struggling with this.

1.) God can handle our questions, he can handle our disbelief, and this isn’t going to change what he thinks of us. He will have answers to these questions, we may not know it straight away, and somethings we may only understand when we are in glory, but as the creator of the universe nothing we ask will surprise him. 

2.) Ask them to him. Not asking them is more dangerous. Not asking will lead to more doubt and this makes you more anxious to ask (trust me, I’ve done it and it really doesn’t work) it takes faith, but do it. 

3.) It isn’t the strength of our faith that keeps us following Jesus. God is in control, and he will carry us to the day of completion in Christ Jesus (Philippians 1: 6). It isn’t about whether I am holding onto God its about the fact that he is always holding onto me. 

4.) Have faith that your salvation is secure. It is based solely on what Jesus did on the cross. The only reason we can hold on to God is due to the grace given to us in Christ Jesus. 

Salvation is important here because if you are saved God won’t undo this salvation. There may be people in your life who did follow Jesus but have now rejected him, but keep praying for them. 

Either they were never saved in the first place, or God will be teaching them something massive in this and God will bring them back eventually. 

I’m sure this is something most of us can relate to, but trust God with them, he will hold them carefully and he hears you.

Author: beforeiunderstood

I am 22, born and bread in the UK, I am a Christian trying to live my life for the glory of God. Battling through mental illness and life in general. With the goal of trying to make other's feel less alone.

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